Street Workout in Fitness Galan Stockholm

RAWBARZ had the opportunity to participate in the biggest fitness event held in Stockholm, alongside some of the top teams in scandinavia such as Barstarzz, Barzoholics, Barmafia, Bartendaz and Team Physix from Norway, here are some of the highlights.

Kettlebel Rawtine

Have you ever wondered what to do with those strange weights called kettlebels? here the solution, hit that chest with this set, also work your stability in your shoulders and wrist.

Come and Join our Workshop

We will be holding a Street Workout seminar in Stockholm, Sweden on May 3rd, for one of the best Crossfit boxes in Europe, CROSSFIT SOLID. We will focus on Calisthenics for crosfit, Handstand, handstand walk, HSPU, muscle up tips, pull ups, push ups and much more.


RAWBARZ Member Anderson Zapata meets Swiss Love from Barstarzz, is a day of inspiring street workout, flags and handstands are the objective for the day.
Swiss Love one of the most complete SW atlethes, I feel very priviledge to have workout and spent time with him.
Shoutout to the Miami bar community, The Miami takeover.
Music: Russian Lulla, Butch Clancy remix